Friday, June 7, 2013

Nail Polish Adjustable Ring Tutorial!

Hello everyone!

This is another simple tutorial using nail polish! How awesome is it to turn your favorite nail polish into jewelry that you can wear all the time!

This is what the finished product will look like:
If you prefer to purchase this ring, it can be found HERE
A kit for making this ring can be found HERE

Supplies: (supplies link to my etsy supply store)


  • Gather all needed supplies
  • Cover work area (I use a piece of paper)
  • Paint the back of the glass cabochon with the nail polish. You want a nice even layer so that you don't get bubbles. If you put the polish on too thick you will get bubbles. I find that the easiest way to paint the cabochon is by placing it in between two fingers as pictured below. If you choose to layer nail polish, paint the one you want on top first. 

  • Allow the cabochon to dry completely and then if needed add a second coat. You can test if a second coat is needed by placing the cabochon in the ring tray. If the color darkens or changes at all then paint a second coat and allow that coat to dry completely before moving on. 

  • Using your toothpick apply a small amount of glue to the inside of the ring tray as pictured below. Don't overload the glue or you will have glue spilling out.

  • Place your painted cabochon in the ring tray and squeeze firmly between two fingers. 

  • Allow this to dry and rub off any extra glue and your ring is finished! Now you can wear your favorite nail polish all the time! 

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